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Binding wire machine

Binding wire winding machine

Cutting line binding wire winding machine

About cheng Yan
       Dongguan cheng Yan automation technology co., LTDIs a rooted in wiring harness/The rope/Hose, etc,Focus on cutting/Around/Core actions related automation equipment,Research and development design、Production and manufacturing、Marketing and innovative company,Its binding wire winding machine、Two big cutting line binding wire winding machine series products,Each series according to the wiring harness segment close in shape and appearance20Product。Cheng Yan automation is the cutting line binding wire winding machine industry in China the variety is complete,The larger professional manufacturers。
Based on mutual trust and honesty,The customer/The agent/Cheng Yan tripartite joint thriving of sincerity,The company was founded“Cheng Yan”Brand,Win-win cooperation,Common development。
       Under the company team many years unremitting efforts,Cheng Yan automation platform have a professional operation team,A sizeable customer base,Extensive distribution network,Is the domestic pipe line automation business bigger、The service function is complete、Reliable operation and management、Science and technology level of professional company,In the industry has a good public image and brand value。
Products and services for the broad masses of customer recognition,Based on the pearl river delta,Sales network all over the country,Part of the special equipment export success。 
Product advantage
Binding wire winding machine
1、Focus on cutting、Around、Relevant action of automation equipment,Focus on professional,Thousands around the cut;
2、Twenty models,The product is complete;
3、Easy to operate,Easy to debug,Easy to maintain;
4、The original device,Stability of choice,Efficiency rapidly;
5、Professional services,A reasonable explanation,Friendly communication。

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The meter cutting around the all-in-one patent
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